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Duo Musical Instrument

The Duo is a distinctive instrument with an ergonomic curved design.  Accessible from both sides, this instrument can be enjoyed by up to four players.  The curvaceous design of the Duo is not just about looking stylish.  The wave makes it easier for individuals with limited range of movement or players in wheelchairs, to reach all of the notes.  Each player is slightly offset from each other.  Playing the Duo is effortless and so come & make some great music!  The left and right-hand side are mirrored and scale spans two octaves.

The 'Duo' is available in 6 options :

  • Jumeau Duo - Aluminium notes (bright, clear tone)
  • Gemima Duo - GRP Fibreglass notes (fast & punchy sound)
  • Kasinda Duo - Hardwood Timber notes (strong, deep resonant sound)
  • Cupla Duo - clever mix of half Aluminium & half GRP Fibreglass notes
  • Besso Duo - clever mix of half GRP Fibreglass & half Hardwood Timber notes
  • KembarDuo - clever mix of half Hardwood Timber & half GRP Fibreglass notes

Supplied with two pairs of small tethered beaters.

Safety, Quality and Usability:

  • Conditional 10-year warranty (further details available)
  • Measurements: 1100mm long x 850mm wide x 850mm high
  • Standard in-ground fixing, optional fixings available for surface mounting or wall mounting.
Product Code: INMIDJ

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