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Harmony Bell Bunch

Perpetually in a perfect state of bloom, Harmony Bells are suitable for many different outdoor locations and will withstand all weather conditions and seasons. Visually stimulating and colorful, each ‘flower’ is made of four bells of decreasing size and ascending pitch. Each ‘bell’ - when struck - emits a pure tone with a long sustain. Available individually or in a 'bunch' of three bells in complementary chords. Ideal for interactive playscapes they’ll arouse a sense of intrigue and encourage participants into the pursuit of music-making in the great outdoors.

Bunches Available:
Minor Bunch:
- D Minor - Orange (1500mm)
- E Minor - Yellow (1650mm)
- A Minor - Indigo (1350mm)

Major Bunch:
- C Major - Red (1500mm)
- F Major - Green (1650mm)
- G Major - Blue (1350mm)

Safety, Quality and Usability:

  • Conditional 10-year warranty (further details available)
  • Suitable for Inclusive Playgrounds
  • Professionally Tuned

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