Our Values

We’re serious about our commitment to creating fun for life, so why complicate it? We decided to make it as clear as child’s play.

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For us, it’s about bringing together the pieces to deliver the perfect combination for you.

For everyone

  • Pure fun + targeted personal benefits for every age.
  • Designed to embrace all abilities and meet universal needs for play, learning and well-being.
  • Made for NZ climate so tough enough for ‘play’ around the world.

 Fresh & best

  • Leading trends translated into innovative, unique and creative solutions.
  • Global partnerships and international presence to source from and deliver the best and widest selection.

 Life, skills & safety

  • Beyond fun for fun’s sake: target specific physical benefits, development and social skills.
  • Strong and age-appropriate products that meet or exceed all relevant safety standards.

 Lasting products & partnerships

  • Real, enduring client relationships through exceptional service.
  • Expertise, efficiency and track record you can rely on.
  • Exceptional safety, quality, strength and durability.

 Community & planet life

  • Genuine, proven commitment to customers, end-users and communities.
  • Inclusive approach to ensure equality and accessibility.
  • Environmental and sustainable practices and outlook.