Get set for the playground of the future

Our smart playgrounds integrate lights, sounds sequences, games and activities to create learning, movement and interactive play. Talk to us about incorporating high-tech outdoor play in your next project, community or school grounds.

Get kids off screens and active outdoors with the latest outdoor play equipment that integrates technology and physical activity. Our smart playgrounds and learning walls are designed to engage today’s screen savvy kids, whilst keeping them active.

Create an entertaining and exhilarating playground experience with lights, sounds, sequences, games and activities. Children and parents alike won’t be able to resist this new multisensory style of play – just like a huge outdoor computer game.

The equipment offers endless combinations of games and activities. The fast and fun games test reflexes, speed, coordination, and are designed to encourage social interaction and healthy development of fine and gross motor skills.

Best of all, the technology is low-maintenance, durable, vandal resistant and waterproof – built and designed to live outside.

Playing with technology has never been this high energy!

  • SoundSystem

    Allow users to play music while they play or exercise by streaming music from any Bluetooth-supported device.

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  • Spider

    Not just a traditional climbing frame, this is also a interactive computer that motivates play and activity.

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  • Speed

    A challenging product for play and learning, for two players/teams to compete against each other.

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  • Ewall

    An easy set up 'plug & play' module using six sensors and a learning app that facilitates physical activities.

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  • Infinity

    Any player, young or old, will constantly feel challenged with this adaptive, interactive product.

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    Find out more about the latest outdoor play equipment that integrates technology and physical activity.


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