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Outdoor Gyms

Outdoor gyms are more popular than ever, with growing demand for free and unstructured physical activity in the fresh air. A real community asset, exercise equipment is now commonly located in parks, schools and universities, in retirement and aged care homes and along esplanades.

  • Improve community health and wellbeing

    Improve community health and wellbeing

  • Supports overall fitness, strength, balance and flexibility

    Supports overall fitness, strength, balance and flexibility

  • Socialisation and sense of community

    Socialisation and sense of community

  • Tension relief

    Tension relief

  • Improved self-esteem

    Improved self-esteem

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Compact Outdoor Gym

Don’t let size and simplicity deceive you!

This compact gym really packs a punch, with a clever cluster of equipment for full-body benefits, a mix of cardio and muscle strengthening, and ample space for cross-training and unstructured exercise. All that, along with the possibility of incorporating an adjacent bike rack and shelter, means this gym really outperforms.

Mid-size Outdoor Gym

Our mid-sized outdoor gym includes a considered and diverse range of targeted benefits, while maintaining a spacious environment with plenty of room to move!

Catering for a variety of health goals and needs, a complementary adjacent bike rack and shelter will inject convenience and appeal.

Static equipment for targeted muscular strength and endurance

Highly effective and user-friendly static equipment to activate and strengthen vital muscle groups including legs, core and upper body.

Large Outdoor Gym

Our large fitness zone has something for everyone – from basic beginners to fitness aficionados, from quick stretch session to full-body circuit training.

The equipment, space and layout has been designed for a positive user experience, catering for a variety of specific health goals and needs. With the choice to integrate a bike rack, shelter and table setting for post-workout catch ups and cool downs, this will make up a perfect fit for your outdoor gym.

Dynamic exercise + cross training

Our Compact, Mid-sized and Large Outdoors Gyms all feature versatile surface markings that can be used alone or as part of a circuit-style workout. The user works according to their capability and exercise options are only limited by the imagination – making them ideal for any age or stage.

Dynamic exercise + cross training

Free squats, calf raises or press ups for agility, speed, cardio and muscle strength.

Footwork drills and skills for cardio, balance, motor skills, speed.

There's still plenty of free space for all kinds of exercises, from push-ups to burpees and star jumps.

Standing or squat jumps and walking lunges for cardio, speed, coordination, joint and ligament strength.

for stretching support or resistance training

Looking for individual stations?