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Percy Café Playground, Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand
Councils & Developers

Play Priorities

Percy Café is in a prime location inside The Landing Business Park adjacent to the busy Auckland Airport.

The café’s owner and staff are dedicated to providing their patrons with a perfect place to meet and eat, and pride themselves on impeccable service and exceptional food that showcases New Zealand produce. They’ve also taken the extra step to ensure patrons can relax and enjoy their meal by including a playground on the café’s grounds.

Playground Centre helped create a playground that complements the café’s contemporary design aesthetic and caters for its younger patrons more playful tastes.

Fun Solution

We designed and constructed a bespoke play structure as a centrepiece for the playground. The structure’s rope climbing net, balance hoops, hammock and swings are supported by several arched metal beams that the children can weave in and out of, and around, adding to the fun and sensory play experience.

The custom-made structure maximises the use of the compact space while serving up a number of play options, especially when teamed with the two Jumping Jacks and Gyro Spinner that were also installed in the turfed play space.  The Jumping Jacks and the Gyro Spinner both boast a minimum footprint making them ideal for smaller play spaces, while their inclusive design and motion-driven rock and spin functions encourage children of all ages and abilities to play together.