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Merrin School

Merrin School
Boffa Miskell Ltd
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Christchurch, New Zealand
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“Exercise goes hand-in-hand with fun with this adventurous and imaginative playground, designed to meet the needs of all students, regardless of age or ability,”

Fitness and fun shines at school, naturally

When Merrin School undertook a major rebuild across the campus, creating modern, healthy play spaces for its 500 shining stars was as much a priority as engaging learning spaces. Fun, exercise and team building abound on the new customised fitness trail, designed to entice whatever a student’s age or ability.


It was a natural fit to work with landscape architects Boffa Miskell and social infrastructure specialists Citycare Property to recommend, supply and install the perfect playground equipment to bring the school community’s vision to life. Individual elements were refined and adapted throughout the process to optimise play value and stay true to the vision, within budget.


Play and fitness go hand-in-hand in designs like Merrin School’s leadership course, which features customised challenge obstacles suitable for all ages and abilities.

Adventure and imagination flourish on the long line of climbing, balancing and stepping elements, including Nature’s Recluse, Stepping Logs Fitness StationActivity Trail 2125, and the Rotation Balance Log , Wobbly Wood Commando Net Fitness Station and Tangle Tightrope (as seen in Activity Trails 2124).

The team building equipment, in the natural timber of our Wobbly Wood range to complement the local environment, develops mental and physical strength while still promising hours of enjoyment.

The school community celebrated their fantastic new play space with a barbecue and community planting, landscaping the area with native shrubs and woodchip.

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