Spotlight: Wobbly Wood

Spotlight: Wobbly Wood

The Whimsical Wobbly Wood Collection

There’s an entirely different universe unfolding inside every young mind. Playtime is an adventure. A time for children to explore their mental and physical potentials, while their imaginations run wild. Giving the gift of fun to children is rewarding. Having the ability to do so with safe and innovative kids outdoor play equipment is a modern-day blessing. The whimsical Wobbly Wood collection is comprised of modern, yet naturally rustic playground equipment that is sure to create a magical experience for children.

The World of Wobbly Wood

The Wobbly Wood collection features a vast assortment of products, all suited to adventurous outdoor play.

Classic & Themed Outdoor Playgrounds

The Wobbly Wood playground selection consists of a variety of sizes and layouts for different ages. The classic, Robina hardwood timber playhouses offer a range of features and encourage children to use their imaginations whilst enjoying the outdoors. The pirate/boat themed play structures are designed to inspire children in fictitious role-play. All Wobbly Wood outdoor playgrounds are durable and compliant with safety requirements. Options include:

Playground Accessories

The assortment of playground accessories adds elements of fun to play areas. Children can have fun on simple structures like seesaws or swing sets, relax and daydream in hammocks or challenge themselves on climbing units. Wobbly Wood accessories are unique and have the ability to transform outdoor playgrounds.

  • Pendulum 1- Point Tyre Swing
  • Ema Climbing Tree
  • Crona Climbing Unit
  • See-Saw
  • Two-Bay Swing Set
  • Lazy Daisy Hammock
  • Rope course


Perfect for the young ones! These beautifully crafted animals were born to become trusted playground partners with the children.

  • Frog
  • Bee
  • Ladybird
  • Goldfish

Benefits of the Wobbly Wood

Encourage outdoor play for children and let their imaginations enter a world like no other. Children create memories, learn from their peers and develop their true sense of character during playtime, making it important to equip their young minds and bodies with reliable, well-established equipment.

In a modern society filled with concrete structures, it’s nice to remind children of their roots and the beautiful nature that surrounds them. Playgrounds and equipment in the Wobbly Wood collection blend with natural surroundings and allow children to become one with the environment they’re immersed in.

The benefits of Wobbly Wood equipment for children are priceless and the list could read on for days. However, this equipment also benefits adults. The high standard of safety and reliability of Wobbly Wood equipment creates peace of mind for parents and supervisors, knowing that children are in a trusted environment.


Get started on creating a land of fun that will enhance childhood. Explore the exclusive Wobbly Wood collection online at the Playground Centre. Furthermore, contact the helpful team at the Playground Centre to learn more and gather inspiration for your playground project.