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Cabeleigh Playground

Auckland Council
Urban Solutions
Auckland, New Zealand
Landscape Architects

“The design celebrates Helensville’s timber history, with trees, logs and wooden play equipment incorporated into a nature-based theme, with rocks as a boundary between the junior and teen play areas.”

Phelan Pirrie, Rodney Local Board chair

Natural setting for imagination

Helensville’s kauri milling history and the natural surrounds of the Cabeleigh Drive Pond Reserve were the inspiration for this unique multi-age playground.

Showcasing Playground Centre’s Wobbly Wood range, the unique layout overcomes safety and site challenges, while delivering plenty of opportunity for exploration and adventure.


Auckland Council relied on extensive community consultation to design the new multi-age playground with Urban Solutions. Ensuring safety around the existing stormwater drain and pond was a major priority, as was allowing for the site’s poor drainage and lack of wet-weather access. Playground Centre’s whimsical and rustic Wobbly Wood range was perfect to reflect the community’s desire to honour the area’s history and blend with the natural surrounds.


Nature play is the central inspiration for this playground, which mixes groups of rocks and low-lying logs with slides, swings, rockers and climbing nets for maximum adventure.

True to design intent, the playground is partially bordered by a low wooden ledge to discourage access to the nearby stormwater drain and pond, while the variety of activities on offer is sure to hold every toddler to teens’ attention.

The  with its combination of beams, nets and extra ropes achieving a spiders-web like appeal, demands co-ordination, dexterity and concentration, as does the nearby customised featuring the Commando Net, Rotating Balance Log and Tangle Tightrope.

Whether pretending the ground is volcanic lava or just racing mates, the Stepping Logs Fitness Station, Wobbly Wood Stilts, Stepping Stones Fitness Station and Log Bridge Fitness Station will certainly test the most agile.

The horse and ladybird , green Inclusive Spinning Bucket and strategically-placed yellow beams add a pop of colour to the natural hues of the playground, which includes toddler-friendly Lollipop Swing, Single Slide Module, Rain and the 1-Point Pendulum Swing, which can hold up to four children at a time.

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