Digital Playgrounds: an asset to enhance student experience

Digital Playgrounds: an asset to enhance student experience

Leading schools are now integrating electronic play equipment into their recreational spaces creating ‘digital playgrounds’ to offer students an interactive and exciting space to learn and have fun.

Modern playgrounds are designed to support the exploration of the physical environment and the development of motor skills, as well as social interactions.

Digital playgrounds offer all of this and more, allowing open exploration for children to be creative, using their imagination and learning new skills. And we all know students are more likely to be enticed to learn where tech is involved!

New digital playgrounds stimulate more than the students’ senses – electronic interactive play combines features of outdoor sports and video games to provide physical stimulation as well. Equipment such as the PlayAlive range challenge students both physically and cognitively and most importantly, they have fun.

A recent example is a school client that had just built a STEM centre and indoor basketball court but also wanted to upgrade their playground facilities. They sought very specific educational and play-based outcomes and were seeking an exhilarating experience for their students incorporating technology and physical activity. Naturally, the equipment had to be safe and durable to withstand the rigours of outdoor weather.

The solution? Digital playground equipment designed to develop physical skills such coordination, speed, reflexes and reaction time while fostering mental stimulation and social skills. Nothing standard, just state-of-the-art.

The PlayAlive Spider was the perfect addition. Based on a traditional climbing frame, it boasts built-in satellites forming one big social, interactive computer. With four games that can be added to and updated, it adapts to the level of players and incorporates exciting challenges using light, sound and touch.

The new digital playground encourages students to move, think and interact in new ways while developing fine and gross motor skills. Best of all, students are now eager to both play and learn!

Consider transforming your playspace into a digital playground with the Spider Electronic Play, or other electronic interactive games including the PlayAlive eWall or the PlayAlive Speed.

Talk to the Playground Centre team about taking your playground digital by using our online contact form and start the journey towards digitizing your playground experience.

Playing with technology has never been this high energy!