5 Exercises you can do at your local park

5 Exercises you can do at your local park

Who needs a gym when you can work out in the fresh air instead? Most parks feature some form of outdoor exercise equipment, and even stairs and a park bench can help you work out if you’re creative. The best part of all is that it’s free!

Here are our top five exercises to do at your local park.

Monkey Bars

Not just for kids, monkey bars are surprisingly effective as outdoor exercise equipment for adults. Chin ups, pull ups and the Roman chair are all suited to monkey bars, and you can even just have a swing between sets to work the tension out of your muscles.


Running or even just walking stairs is a sure-fire way to work those thighs and get your heart pumping. Step ups, down lunges, and jump squats up and down the stairs are all great no-equipment exercises you can work into your routine. Just be sure not to overdo it, as repeated shock to the knees can result in injury.

Climbing Nets

Climbing is an excellent way to work several muscle groups at once, which makes a climbing net a great piece of outdoor workout equipment. As well as working your arms and legs and building your pull strength, climbing helps you build and maintain a strong core, which is important for all kinds of exercises and general health. Climbing up and over the nets 5-10 times will increase your balance and core strength significantly.

Vertical Bench Press

This piece of outdoor gym equipment lets you use your own bodyweight to work out your arms. By sitting on the seat and gripping the handles, you can push away to raise and lower the seat. The great thing about bodyweight exercises is that as you build muscle, you weigh more to keep your workout challenging.

Cycle and Pull Down Gym Station

This two-in-one outdoor fitness equipment station includes both a recumbent cycle for cardio and pull down exerciser for strength, offering you a complete workout. The cycle includes chair arms for bracing, so you can go hard with everything you have. The pull-down exerciser works much like a vertical bench press, except you pull down the handles to slowly raise and lower your bodyweight.