Talks Playgrounds for Grown-ups Talks Playgrounds for Grown-ups

We are always happy to see our work showcased online by playground lovers like us!

Our equipment was mentioned on recently, in an article which proves that you’re never too old for a good playground. The article is called “9 ways to build a playground for grown-ups” and is all about bringing back the fun of the playground with equipment suitable for adult sizes.

Two of our swing sets are featured in the article, the Bimbo basket swing and the Super Mega swing. Our Super Mega swing is like a traditional swing set, just bigger and more durable, so it can entertain people of all ages.  Our Bimbo basket swing has a spider leg frame which supports a basket swing in its center, allowing it to swing a full 360 degrees. The basket is big enough to hold multiple children and adults, and there’s no limit to how fast or how high you can go!

Super Mega Swing

The article also features our Scorpion stand-up see-saw, a see-saw that requires a little more advanced coordination than its traditional counterpart. As playground manufacturers, we believe in creating playgrounds that can be enjoyed by everybody, regardless of their age!