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Windy Ridge Reserve

CLIENT: Auckland Council
Auckland, New Zealand
Councils & Developers

“Being up in a tree house surrounds children with leaves, birds and the varying weather, as well as a unique space of their own to let their imaginations roam free – whether they’re alone or with friends,”

Children feel at home, naturally

Tree houses are the focus of this nature-inspired play space, where feathered neighbours such as Australian Magpies and Rainbow Lorikeets regularly join in the adventures. Raw timber and rope blend with and enhance the natural surrounds, while bespoke windmills provide a pop of colour in a nod to the area’s moniker- ‘Windy Ridge’.

Rest + Play

Auckland Council wanted to replace and relocate an outdated play space, with a nature-style playground, featuring a tree house and windmills, and complementary outdoor furniture to encourage families to play, rest and socialise in the great outdoors. Working with street and park furniture experts Urban Effects, a tailored package was efficiently and effectively delivered to Council.

Space to explore and daydream

Not one but two tree houses are the central element of this nature-inspired play space which features areas for adventure, physical challenge, and quiet reflection.

Tree  House and Adventure Course 2102 consists of one large and one small tree house, a log bridge, slide and adventure course, built in sturdy timber to withstand the weather and foster connection with nature.

Climb up and over the Cubby Climbing Hut or duck inside for some quiet time with the interactive Play Panels, daydream alone or share secrets with a friend.

Children of all ages can reach for the sky on the Urban Pergola Swing – 4 Bay, which fits up to five children sitting, lying or standing on the basket and two standard seats. The Lazy daisy Hammock – Timbaplay also allows children of all ages and abilities to swing together.

Challenge your balance skills on the Zig Zag Walk Fitness Station, each of the six poles topped with colourful Bespoke Windmills which swing in the breezes.

When it’s time for a break, rest on the Woodland Deluxe Park Seat or throw a few snags on the Urban Single 1200 BBQ Electric and enjoy a snack with family at the Parkvale Pedestal Table Setting. The large hotplate is big enough to cater for a large group of family and/or friends, while the single-leg table setting is specifically designed for easy wheelchair access.

Windy Ridge Reserve also features a community library and a community-led garden, with new pathways leading through the generously treed space.

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