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Western Foreshore Playspace

CLIENT: City of Mandurah
Mandurah, Australia
Councils & Developers

“We have a play space that is fun, inclusive, imaginative and sparks curiosity, while thoughtfully highlighting local stories, the environment and historic elements”

Mayor Rhys Williams, City of Mandurah, Source:

World-class play space tailor-made for community

Local heritage, environment and adventure combine to transform the City of Mandurah’s Western Foreshore into an exciting hub for families and friends to meet, rest and play all year round. Joining the new skate park, this inclusive play space is designed to entice people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the great outdoors.

Team effort

Extensive community consultation informed the City of Mandurah’s detailed design of the new adventure playground on the Western Foreshore, as part of its $22m Waterfront Project, funded by the city, state and federal governments. Playground Centre is proud to be one of the experts chosen to supply exciting, inclusive and durable equipment for the world-class play space.

Adventure for all

With a 12m play tower celebrating local Swamp Sheoak trees as the centrepiece, this unique and inclusive play space is inspired by Mandurah’s heritage, character and world-renowned natural environment.

All aspects of play including physical, sensory, social and imaginary are covered in the range of family favourites and newly imagined equipment, sourced from a range of experts in the field.

Playground Centre’s popular 6m Eagles Lair features a spiral climbing path leading to massive basket at its centre, as well two smaller baskets, a climbing ladder and a climbing net.

The cute 2.5m Mini Birds Nest Tree is perfect for the littlies, featuring baskets and discs connected by membrane belts, two climbing ropes and two climbing ladders.

A swing with a difference, there’s no age limit for enjoyment on the Viking Snake Swing 8-12 seater and its thick rope seat which can hold up to 12 children.

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