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Tiverton Park

Palmerston, NT, Australia
Landscape Architects

Play Priorities

Cutting-edge innovation was the name of the game for City of Palmerston’s upgrade of Tiverton Park, inspired by the imaginations of neighbouring primary school students.

Designed in collaboration with Clouston Architects and Installed by NT Shade, the new playground combines traditional elements, such as swings and slides, with interactive electronic games.

Fun Solution

Innovation and challenge are key focuses of Council’s Palmerston Play Space Strategy, as it embarks on a program to update the family-focused city’s playgrounds.

Inspired by the ideas of local primary school students and designed with Clouston Architects, the star attraction of Tiverton Park, Moulden, is the only Electronic Play Alive Spider in the Northern Territory

Built as a traditional climbing frame, the in-built social interactive computer features games which adapt to individual players, meaning children are challenged at an appropriate level and will keep playing for a longer time.

Installed by NT Shade, the new playground also features a 20m long flying fox, swings, slides, tunnels, climbing/balancing area and a half-basketball court.