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St Columba Anglican School

Port Macquarie, Australia

Play Priorities

St Columba Anglican School is committed to providing every student the very best education experience. It’s a focus that extends beyond the classroom and into the playground, where children are encouraged to be active, keep learning and connect.

In partnership with Playground Centre, the school has created an exciting play space that embraces all of the principles of a best practice inclusive playground to offer students of every age, stage and ability an array of development-rich play options.

Fun Solution

A combination of unique play structures was installed within the school’s expansive play space, where students from Kindergarten to Year 12 have fun together before, during and after school.

A high priority was placed on the selection of safe, functional and durable equipment that would not only provide maximum physical and social development benefits, but also cater for large numbers of students at any one time.

The result is a play space that fuels a spirit of adventure and optimises engagement and interaction. There’s something for children at every stage of their development and growth! Students big and small can challenges themselves and each other to test their strength and climbing ability on the multi-tiered Birds Nest Tower, Scramble Wall, and custom-built play structure with balance bridge and slide. While the inclusion of our cleverly designed Net See Saw and Gondolar Snake Swing add to the play space’s appeal and sense of all-in fun as both pieces allow multiple children to ride at once.