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Rowellyn Park School

Carrum Downs, Australia

Play Priorities

Rowellyn Park Primary School is a place where “learning is everywhere, opportunities are varied and character is developed”. In 2020, the school made exciting upgrades: adding an indoor basketball court, fitting out a state-of-the-art STEM centre, and using the surrounding area to provide new pathways, garden beds and playground areas. As an innovative school providing hands-on learning, they decided to go beyond ‘standard’ playground equipment – instead seeking an entertaining and exhilarating experience that integrates technology and physical activity. Of course, the equipment had to be safe and durable to withstand the great outdoors and the demands of high-energy students.

Fun Solution

Working with Playground Centre, the school chose three pieces from our PlayAlive range, which cleverly combines digital fun and physical play to get kids moving, thinking and interacting in remarkable new ways. The equipment’s games cater for all ages and test reflexes, speed, coordination – while encouraging social interaction and healthy development of fine and gross motor skills. Best of all, it’s all low maintenance, durable, vandal resistant, waterproof and designed to live outside.

The school’s PlayAlive Spider is based on the design of a traditional climbing frame, with built-in satellites forming one big social, interactive computer. With four games that can be added to and updated, it adapts to the level of players and incorporates exciting challenges using light, sound and touch. With the PlayAlive eWall, students run to the wall to touch their answer to a range of questions. It connects wirelessly to tablets or smart phones and uses a learning app with existing exercises, an exercise editor, and the ability to create customised quizzes for great learning while burning energy! PlayAlive Speed is a compact unit with eight sensors and three ready-to-go games challenging two or more people to compete against each other in high-speed, super-fun activities. This irresistible trio means students can’t get enough of play and learning – and the playground has never been more popular!

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