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Paddocks Reserve

COUNCIL: City of Salisbury
Para Hills West, Australia
Councils & Developers

“Water play is such a simple but effective great way to foster children’s connection to the environment. Winding, pouring, splashing and dam-building sparks curiosity and imagination, while building gross motor skills and muscle development”

Adventure flows freely for all

The exciting new playground at Paddocks Reserve prioritises interactive nature play for children of diverse ages and abilities, featuring a splashtastic water play area and a variety of accessible play equipment.

Purpose + Budget

The adventure playground is the latest addition to the Paddocks Reserve, which also features wide open sporting fields, a bird and wildlife conservation wetlands and dog exercise yard. The City of Salisbury specially selected a range of our equipment to maximise inclusivity and nature play elements of the play space, within budget requirements.

Naturally fun for the whole family

Nestled amongst large shade trees and surrounded by several grassed areas, the Paddocks Reserve Playground will ignite the curiosity, imagination and adrenalin of kids of all ages and abilities.

Set alongside the climbing towers, slides and swings, the unique Nature Rocker - Pohutukawa originally designed and inspired to look like New Zealand’s iconic native flower, provides an interesting shape that is just at home in Australia, providing room for the whole family to enjoy at once

Skip, walk, or roll across the Interactive Bridge with Sound to compose a tune all your own! The 2-metre wooden bridge features six bells, able to be activated by family members young or old, including those with limited ability or special needs.

Draw water from the seasonal creek flowing below with the Water Pump Winder, then control the water’s path along the bed to the dedicated sand play area with two Waterplay Sliding Gates.

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