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Omaka Landing Subdivision

Marlborough, New Zealand
Councils & Developers

Play Priorities

The developers of a 228-section subdivision, Omaka Landing, wanted to create a unique playspace that was perfectly suited to its community. Located nearby the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre, the theme was clear: flight. Not only that, the subdivision was already showcasing the area’s aviation history, with street names such as Spitfire Dr, Nanchang Rd and Mustang Alley. It is increasingly clear that green space and playgrounds, close to home, are essential for urban and residential developments – and can have a significant influence on house and land value. The developers knew the park needed to provide drawcards for kids and adults alike.

Fun Solution

It’s hard to miss the centrepiece of the playground: a huge model aircraft. An attraction for all generations, it sits alongside playground equipment that brings the exhilaration of flight alive: Playground Centre’s 24 metre-long flying fox. With a seat for all ages, it isn’t just about thrills: it also provides real physical benefits like balance, coordination and body strength. From the word go, developers were thrilled with the park’s popularity. Built for safety and durability, the flying fox will bring fun that lasts with its heavy-duty spring dampening system and high-quality safety surfacing.