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Mandalay Stage 37 Reserve

CLIENT: Beveridge Property Developery
COUNCIL: Shire of Mitchell
ARCHITECT: Urban Edge Landscape Architects
Beveridge, Australia
Landscape Architects

Build it and they will come!

Famous for being the birthplace of notorious bushranger Ned Kelly, Beveridge is a rapidly growing community on the outskirts of Melbourne. Playground Centre’s bespoke Mandalay Fort is the centrepiece of one of the many parks catering to the wide age range of families making their home at the foot of picturesque Mt Fraser.

Design + Build

Working in conjunction with Urban Edge Landscape Architects, our playground design and production specialists created a customised play structure to meet the brief to entice and entertain children young and older. Towers are one of our specialities and the perfect environment for multi-faceted, action-packed play with slide, net, climb and swing components.

New Heights

The bespoke Mandalay Fort is the centrepiece of a playground sure to become a neighbourhood hub, providing hours of climbing, sliding, swinging and rocking fun for the whole family.

With its distinctive vibrant blue accents, the action-packed two-part structure challenges the bodies and minds of young and older children alike. Even the adults will want to get in on the action!

The first, lower module invites youngsters to climb the scramble net, pull themselves up the sloped platform wall or climb the ladder to access two platforms, fireman’s pole and single wave slide.

Connected by a customised plaited rope , the second higher covered tower offers more advanced challenges for older children, including a three-section rock wall and the adrenalin-fuelled thrills of a curved chute slide.

Underneath, at a ground level, everyone can grab some treats while catching up on the news at the General Store.

Swings are a universal family favourite and the popular Deluxe Swing 2-Bay ticks all the boxes, with both toddler and standard seats. The Wobbly Wood Junior Rocker is perfect for the under-fives, with two kids at a time able to giggle and bounce on popular springy seesaw.

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