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Kulin All Ages Precinct

CLIENT: Shire of Kulin
ARCHITECT: Emerge Associates
CONTRACTOR: Landscape Australia Construction
Kulin, Australia
Councils & Developers | Landscape Architects

“As family road trips become more popular, outdoor fitness parks like this gem at Kulin become attractions in themselves as great places to exercise, socialise and revitalise along the way”

Top stop on road to health

Already home to the largest waterslide in regional West Australia, Kulin now has another reason for travellers to stop, exercise and explore. The Kulin All Ages Precinct, which includes an extensive fitness course, encourages tourists and residents alike to take valuable time out for their health.

Design + Build

Letters to Kulin Shire Council from local high school students sparked consultation for what ultimately became the Kulin All Ages Precinct. Designed by Emerge Associates and built by Landscape Australia Construction, Playground Centre was proud to supply the advanced fitness course which offers teens and adults a fun way to be active and improve their health.

Fitting Attraction for All

Organised sport is not the only way to get fit and outdoor gyms are increasingly playing an important role in encouraging families to get active and socialise, whether at home or on holidays.

This concept has been embraced by the Shire of Kulin in providing the All Ages Precinct, which includes a pump track, skate park, basketball hoop and extensive obstacle course, alongside undercover seating.

As well improving strength, balance and flexibility, accessible outdoor workout equipment helps with social integration and cognition. For seniors, physical activity also reduces the risk of falls, improves mental health and prolongs independence.

The Xtreme Elite 601 - Metal offers a huge 335m2 of climbing, balancing and hanging challenges for every member of the family.

The colourful 26m obstacle course includes two 3m Rock Walls, Stepping Stones, Ravine Climbing, Burmese Bridge, Turbo Challenger, Hanging Rings and Muscle Buster.

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