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Kinkuna Park Playground

Perth, Australia
Councils & Developers

Play Priorities

Situated in the heart of the Allara Estate in the Perth suburb of Eglinton, Kinkuna Park is Australia’s first ‘smart playground’.

A real ‘game changer’ this exciting, new playground is the product of a partnership between Playground Centre, the City of Wanneroo and the estate’s developer, the Satterley Property Group, which aimed to show how technology can be used to engage kids in active, healthy, outdoor play.

Fun Solution

Augmented reality markers fitted to play equipment in Kinkuna Park link to a free smart phone app which gives parents access to games they can use to engage children of all ages and abilities in energetic, imaginative play. Kids might be spotting magical butterflies near the swings or climbing ladders in search of runaway robots!

The ‘smart playground’ features Biba Playground Technology. The games available on the Biba Playground Games app are based on years of motivational design and psychology research. They are specifically designed to get children active and playing for longer, while also increasing engagement between children and their families. What makes it better still, is that the app remembers what activities children did previously, so new challenges are issued each time they visit, effectively reinventing the park.

In addition to encouraging active, outdoor play, the technology collects usage data that the City of Wanneroo can use to better understand how, when and why their community is using the playground. This data, which is anonymised and encrypted to protect residents’ privacy, can then be used to inform decisions about the placement and design of new playgrounds and upgrades to existing playgrounds.

The Biba apps have been developed in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and are certified by kidSAFE.