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Falcon Reserve

City of Mandurah
Falcon, West Australia, Australia
Councils & Developers

“Fitness can - and should - be fun and free, whatever your age. We have the designers and equipment to help you entice your community outdoors for a full body workout, whatever their age and needs, within your budget.”

Fantastic Play Space and Skate Park Combo

Fitness with a dash of fun for all ages and abilities was the focus for the City of Mandurah, when adding a play space alongside the upgraded skate park at Falcon Reserve. Together the new playground and community-designed skate park have proven a great drawcard for the local community.

Play Priorities

Consult, Design + Build

Working with concepts supplied by City of Mandurah landscape architects, PGC experts designed a customised for fitness-focussed play space catering for a wide range of ages and abilities. Built to a foreshore specification requested by council, the simplicity of HDG steel is lifted by bright orange accents – rope and UV stabilised plastic – on each of the equipment pieces, all of which is compliant with NZ, Australian and European Safety Standards.

Kick, Flip and Drop-In!

A mix of customised and standardised equipment ensures there’s plenty of opportunities for fitness – disguised as fun – for a variety of ages and abilities in the wide, open play space adjoining the upgraded skate park and sporting grounds at Falcon Reserve.

The customised Classic Cube 916 is a compact unit incorporating a mix of climbing, balance, co-ordination and upper-body strength activities. Similarly, these integral skills are targeted by the customised Activity Trail, which features Spin Bar Fitness Station, Tightrope, Stepping Stones Fitness Station, Commando Net Fitness Station, Monkey Bar Fitness Station and Hanging Rings – Single Rail Fitness Station.

Pointed top and bottom with plenty of room for fun and games in-between, the 4m Magic Flyer Maxi can cater for more than 25 users at one time. Children can hold on to the centre ring and fly around the centre pole.

No playground is complete without a slide – here it’s the Single Slide Module - SC373 – or a swing. The 4-Bay Deluxe Swing features three standard vandal resistant seats along with a toddler swing, while the 1-Point Pendulum Swing - Junior Model is great fun for all ages. It can hold up to four kids at one time and is a simple, but effective, way of making your playground more inclusive.

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