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Carisbrooke Park Playspace

Salisbury, Australia
Councils & Developers | Landscape Architects

Play Priorities

The City of Salisbury wanted to introduce some new life and fun to the existing playspace in the beautiful Carisbrooke Park, a large recreational reserve known for its open spaces of grasslands just minutes from the city centre.

With three zones required – young activity zone, inclusive play zone and senior activity zone the equipment needed to be versatile to cater for everyone and provide unique play experiences that could be easily integrated into the existing design.

Fun Solution

Playground Centre worked with the City of Salisbury to select key equipment that would suit each of the activity zone age groups. The aim was to introduce spinning and rocking motions and to add a customised sandplay feature for an extra interactive experience. Importantly, all the equipment was selected to provide a fun physical challenge and further encourage families to enjoy the great open spaces of this beautiful reserve.

Springy Rockers in the junior zone added fun and the chance to develop motor skills. Customised Sandplay Module, Talking Tube set and Tunnel and Climbing Module added new heights and dimensions of fun to the inclusive zone and a Spinning Carousel was a gentle way to add movement into the senior zone.

The result is a complete playspace that offers a hands-on experience for all ages, within a beautiful outdoor space.