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Acland Park

Rolleston, New Zealand
Councils & Developers

Play Priorities

Acland Park is situated in the heart of Rolleston’s newest suburb and its playground, a collaboration between Playground Centre and DCM Urban Landscape Architects, is as vibrant as they come.

Bold, energetic fun was front and centre in this playground’s colourful design, guaranteeing it would be a drawcard for the suburb’s families, and a place where they would feel inspired to engage and connect through play.

Fun Solution

The Acland Park playground features all the colours of the rainbow and a whimsical feel that entices residents – young and old – to engage in imaginative, creative play.

A splash of colour has been added to every piece of equipment in this playground and thanks to the variety of equipment selected, the play options are endless. From the Wobbly Wood Carex Sandplay Module with its fixed sand crane, pentagonal platform and scramble net and pops of sunny yellow to the bright red Koru Tube Slide, red-tipped Gondolar Snake Swing and Wobbly Wood Flying Saucer Double Swing Set trimmed in blue, it’s a magical, sensory-filled place to play.

Adding to the beauty of this play space is its focus on inclusive play equipment, which embraces the principle that ‘play is for all’ by providing maximum opportunity for children of different ages and abilities to play alongside their siblings and friends.

A suite of fitness stations has also been installed in the park to satisfy those who are a little bit more serious about their outdoor activities. The Stepping Logs Fitness Station, Ex-Bench Fitness & Gym Station, Sit Up Bench and Chin Up Bars combine to provide a full body workout.