Sand & Water Play – Benefits For Kids

Sand & Water Play – Benefits For Kids

Sand and water are such simple elements that can play a significant role in the development of our children. It gives them the chance to play and have fun in the outdoors, whilst experimenting, learning, and building on vital skills. The Playground Centre makes this innovative learning experience a walk in the park!

More to it than meets the eye!

Sand and water play generates countless benefits for children in the areas of physical, mental, and emotional growth.

Undoubtedly, being in an outdoor setting is key to the health and wellbeing of our children. The more time spent outdoors, the more likely children are to connect with the environment and their natural surroundings. This not only instils a sense of relaxation, but also produces endorphins to keep the kids smiling all day. The digging, scooping, pouring, and building used for sand and water play is physically demanding! This fun form of exercise for children encourages gross motor skills and muscle development.

Along with physical and emotional growth, kids water play has significant benefits for children’s brain power through the practice of maths and science. Mathematics measurements are easily incorporated into sand and water play by using measuring cups and spoons, different sized containers, and scales to gain an understanding of weight and counting. Children are also encouraged to experiment with the elements, which exposes them to early learning science. Children can experience different textures and consistencies, and experiment with adding rocks and other objects to the water.

Sand and water play is an innovative way for kids to learn, exercise, and have fun in the outdoors!

Get kids amongst the elements today!

There are a variety of ways you can incorporate sand and water into children’s playtime, all of which address different development skills and age groups. The Playground Centre offers complete sand play modules, water play tables, and playground accessories including sand diggers, funnels, pumps, spouts, and silos. Integrate a number of sand and water play elements into school, nursery, or urban playgrounds, to promote healthy development in our kids!

How we can help!

If you’d like to get started on creating a fun and highly beneficial play area, get in touch with the team at the Playground Centre! Fill out the online form, or send us an email. In the meantime, check out the options available on our website and collect inspiration for your play area.

It’s also important to remember how integral safety is when children are playing with water! Regardless of the amount of water, constant supervision is required to ensure our little ones can feel safe while they play.