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Interactive Play Panels

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High-quality, heavy-duty Interactive Play Panels - ideal for all ages, stages & abilities. Perfect for playgrounds, walkways, or any spot you fancy!

Constructed from ultra-durable Ultra-tuff, sized at 595 x 800mm.

Various playful styles available:

  • (Popular) What time Alarm Clock - ININWHATTIMEC
  • (Popular) Todays Weather Is- ININTODAYWEAC
  • (Popular) Ball Maze - ININBALLMAZEC
  • (Popular) Farmyard Word Search - ININFWSC
  • (Popular) Flip Over Noughts & Crosses - ININNOCRLC
  • (Popular) Tumble Ball COG - ININTBCOG800C
  • [New] Roller Pixels Play Panel- ININROLLPIXC
  • First Letter Sounds - ININTBCOG800C
  • 3-in-a-row Panel (video) - ININ3INAROW
  • Tile Slide Snake - ININTSSNAKEC
  • Spin Dice - ININSPINDIC
  • Number Fun - ININNUMBFUNC
  • 'This Shape Is A - ININSHAPEC
  • Clockwork Panel - ININCWORK
  • Abacus Panel - ININABACUS
  • Giant 4-in-a-row Panel - INING4INAROWC
  • Make It Rain Panel- ININMAKERAINC
  • Ambulance Play Panel- ININESAMBC
  • Fire Engine Play Panel- ININESFIRELC
  • Police Car Play Panel- ININESPOLICEC




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