Playful Advantage: how quality playgrounds, fitness and recreation spaces boost property value

Playful Advantage: how quality playgrounds, fitness and recreation spaces boost property value

As increasing urban density means open, green space is valued more than ever, access to quality, well-designed and inclusive playgrounds, fitness and recreation areas are key to boosting property value and attracting premium prices from homebuyers.

With predictions that around 70 per cent of the world’s population will live in cities in two decades, international research shows communities with well-designed play and recreation spaces nurture residents’ overall fitness, health and wellbeing, regardless of age, and also increase property value*.

Multiple studies prove proximity to parks and playgrounds significantly boost property value, with one study revealing more than half of home buyers would choose a home close to parks and open space above one that was not (*1). This is reinforced by data that shows parks would ‘seriously influence’ two-thirds of home buyers to relocate to a community, with one Australian study showing home buyers paid up to 15 per cent more to live in a suburb containing green infrastructure (*2).

Green, appealing neighbourhoods packed with vibrant, playful amenities offer a quality of life that attracts families, which helps cities and towns retain skilled workers (*1).

The inclusion of aesthetically pleasing natural, green open spaces in residential areas also has considerable environmental benefits – reducing pollution, boosting sustainability and promoting biodiversity.

These tangible benefits associated with lifestyle enhancing infrastructure are prompting local governments and developers to prioritise investment in people-pleasing play and recreation spaces.

One recent example saw Playground Centre join forces with the Tasman District Council and Richmond West Development Company to provide an inclusive play space for The Meadows, one of Nelson’s newest suburbs. Inspired by a ‘love where you live’ philosophy, the specially designed Under 5s play space sits aside a restaurant, surrounded by native landscaping and shared pathways – providing a focal point for the active and connected community.

Playground Centre specialists have the expertise and experience to help you design and build active, inclusive play and recreation spaces certain to become treasured community assets. Our wide range of innovative recreational equipment, embracing different age groups and abilities, delivers first-rate fun and fitness for everyone. Contact us today.

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