Don’t let standards slide: Why quality matters when choosing playground equipment

Don’t let standards slide: Why quality matters when choosing playground equipment

Investing in high quality playground equipment is the smartest choice you can make. It will ensure the best play experience for users and save money in the long-term with reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

The benefits of choosing quality playground equipment

At Playground Centre we are firm believers that choosing quality playground equipment pays off – every time. Especially when it comes to choosing playground equipment for schools and parks, which are at the heart of our communities.

The key benefits of quality playground equipment for playground owners and managers are:

  • Lasting investment
  • Greater safety
  • Less risk
  • Minimal maintenance.

The value of quality playground equipment

Investing in quality playground equipment pays off in terms of having a safer playground with less risk for its users, and cost savings in the long-term.

Selecting well-constructed, durable equipment that is built to withstand wear and tear, and made from materials that minimise fading, warping, corrosion, and chipping ensures long-term value through significantly lower costs for maintenance and replacements.

Some specific examples:

  • Product Fixing – Many playgrounds have equipment that use silicone which harbours bacteria, presenting a risk of being picked out and eaten by a small child. This involves a high maintenance cost; approximately $24,000 over a 20-year life span of a playground.

At Playground Centre, we use concealed, secure fixings only. This means $0 spent on maintenance and a safer, healthier and more cost-effective playground in the long-run.

  • Welding – Cheaper playground equipment often has incomplete welds which leads to quick corrosion and leaching onto the colour coating. This requires a six-monthly maintenance regime. With an average of 4 barriers per playground, this incurs approximately $10,000 over the 20-year life of a playground.

Playground Centre playgrounds are constructed to be robust, durable, and rust resistant.

  • Moveable parts (e.g. swing pivot hanger) – With inferior equipment, this may require replacement once a year. The cost to replace and install the spare would be approximately $5,400 over 10 years.

Similar examples of the cost of choosing poorly constructed playground equipment can be found with regards to ropes, platforms, powder coating, and polyethylene panels.

Some of competitors equipment showing significant corrosion and staining

Competitor’s whisper glide (left) vs. PGC whisper glide (right)

Poor timber quality

The living proof

The ‘living proof’ can be seen in Ascot Park, One School Global and Popowoh School Playground. These are just some examples of playgrounds that have endured the test of time while providing long-term value for playground owners and managers in terms of safety and ease of maintenance.

The playground in Ascot Park was built in 2002 for Auckland Council and still has most of its original parts dating back 21 years. True staying power is also evident in the fitness focused playground at One School Global’s Taranaki campus which is 16 years old and still going strong, with most of its original parts.

Another incredible proof is the new Popowoh School playground, originally installed in Miranda Reserve back in 2008. The playground has been dismantled, refurbished, and shipped to Popowoh School in Vanuatu where it was installed by staff, parents and students from Auckland’s Saint Kentigern Boys’ and Girls’ Schools, using the original plans and installation instructions we provided.

While these playgrounds are testament to the importance of investing in quality playground equipment to reduce risk and minimise maintenance and replacement costs, they also show how it maximises play value.

The durability of the equipment in these playgrounds has provided value in the form of year-on-year fun and enjoyment for residents and students. It has also maximised the quality of the play experience, with equipment specifically designed to stimulate and challenge children mentally and physically.

Confidence, peace of mind and user-experience in a safe environment is priceless, and Playground Centre are experts at designing equipment that will be exciting and encourage user development – especially for children.



Safety standards and warranties

Recognised as industry leaders in playground equipment design and manufacture for more than 30 years, we live by the principle that quality pays off, using only the highest quality materials in our play and fitness equipment.

As well as international quality standard ISO 9001:2015, Playground Centre meets or exceed all relevant Australian, New Zealand and European standards for safety and structural compliance. In addition, our equipment is supported by an exceptional range of warranties, including a 25-year conditional warranty on the structural integrity of selected steel and timber poles.

Creating quality playground equipment and play experiences is what we do at Playground Centre. We can help you create an amazing play space with confidence.

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