A Fresh Look at Outdoor Gym Equipment

A Fresh Look at Outdoor Gym Equipment

One of the hottest trends for parks and playgrounds, outdoor gym equipment are building more than just muscle.

With the growing demand for free and unstructured physical activity in the fresh air, outdoor gym equipment and exercise stations are more popular than ever.

Outdoor gym equipment is now commonly located in parks, alongside walking paths, in schools and universities as well as workplaces and aged care homes. And what we’re fast realising as this trend goes from strength to strength is that the benefits are being felt at both the individual and community level.

A real community asset, outdoor gym equipment improves community health and wellbeing; provide opportunities for socialisation, and  build a sense of community.

For individuals, outdoor gyms support overall fitness, strength, balance and flexibility; help relieve stress and tension, and improve self-esteem.

Get into the (fitness) zone

As leaders in the manufacture and supply of outdoor gym equipment for several years, we’ve got a strong track record in designing fitness zones for parks, schools, residential developments and workplaces. Now, we’re excited to be taking outdoor to a new level with the complete outdoor gym concepts featured in our Fresh Look @ Fitness brochure.

Playground Centre has partnered with health experts to create three outdoor gyms for different sized spaces, budgets and needs, and designed to provide a full body workout for a range of age groups and abilities.

The Compact, Mid-Sized and Large Outdoor Gyms all accommodate multiple users at once, encouraging social interaction and inspiring groups to train together, and include specialised outdoor gym equipment with targeted health benefits.

Static equipment for target muscular strength and endurance: A combination of highly effective and user-friendly static equipment to activate and strengthen vital muscle groups including legs, core and upper body.

Dynamic exercise and cross training: Soft-fall safety surfaces marked to provide cross training exercise options such as agility drills, squats and walking lunges.

Amenities to improve the user experience: Each outdoor fitness zone includes practical amenities such as shelters with seating, bike racks and table settings to maximise the comfort and convenience for individuals and groups pre- and post-workout.

Download the Fresh Look @ Fitness brochure for a complete view of each outdoor gym concept and the huge variety of equipment available to include.