Which Swings Should You Choose when Planning a Playground?

Which Swings Should You Choose when Planning a Playground?

A staple amongst playgrounds, swing sets have long provided fond memories of playtime during childhood. No doubt one of the oldest types of playground equipment, swings have stood the test of time and continue to be featured in almost every playground as they provide great fun for people of all ages. These days, outdoor swing sets aren’t just the traditional swings you recall from your childhood, but dynamic modern designs that can create a new experience for outdoor play. So which set should you choose for your playground?

Benefits of ‘Classic’ Swing Sets

  • Great for individual or family play
  • Ideal for all ages
  • Often available in sets of two, for multiple users
  • Seats can be designed to suit certain age groups
  • Minimal maintenance

Benefits of Basket Swings

  • Great for family fun
  • Ideal for toddlers and older
  • Can be used by multiple people at once
  • Option to sit, stand, or lie down
  • Minimal maintenance

Where do They Work Best?

‘Classic’ swing sets are appropriate for almost all age groups, depending on their design. With customisable seats for infants and young children that include extra safety features, there is more freedom with the traditional swing in terms of who can use it. Being so customisable means that you can also find swing sets to fit both small and large spaces, as per your needs. Basket swings, on the other hand, are better suited to toddlers and up as they tend to be quite large in size. Although you can find smaller basket swings, their design usually calls for bigger outdoor spaces where everyone can join in on the fun.

What We Recommend

If you’re looking for something simple in your swing set, then you can’t go wrong with the Deluxe Swing 2-Bay. Our most popular Basic Swing frame, the Deluxe Swing 2-Bay is a classic, two-seater swing set perfect for backyards and playgrounds alike. With a wide choice of seat and chain combinations to suit all your needs, this swing set truly ticks all the boxes and comes at an affordable price.

If you’ve got more room to work with, however, then the Flying Saucer 1200mm Basket is great for something a bit more different. Another one of our bestsellers, the Flying Saucer 1200mm Basket is also highly customisable and can get the whole family involved! Like all basket swings, the key benefit of this model is really it’s appeal to all age groups. You can sit, stand, or lie down on this swing – so regardless of if you’re looking to play or relax, there’s something for everyone in this swing set.

Ultimately, it all comes down to preference. It’s hard to imagine a playground without swings as they really are so universal. Whether you’re looking for something a bit more traditional like the Deluxe Swing 2-Bay, or after something different that the whole family can enjoy, like the Flying Saucer 1200mm Basket – having a swing set is essential in any playground setup. And if you’ve got the space, why not unite both models for double the amount of fun? Classic and basket swing sets work even better together, and in many ways give you the best of both worlds. So, bring everyone together and get the most out of your playground design – because when it comes to swings, the more the better!

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