Top 5 Australian Cities for Playground Equipment

Top 5 Australian Cities for Playground Equipment

Where to find the best playground equipment in Australia

The first thing that overseas visitors usually comment on when they visit Australia is our incredible weather. Many home-grown Aussies take these dreamy conditions for granted and spend more time indoors than appreciating the wonders of the natural world. Our pristine environment makes Australia the ultimate country for venturing outside and doing something a bit different.

If you’re travelling or simply want to see your own city beyond the confines of bricks and mortar, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the top cities that offer fun playground equipment in Australia, which is perfect for maintaining the fitness of adults and kids alike!

Top 5 Must-Visit Playgrounds

1. Perth

Hyde Park offers one of the greatest playgrounds in Perth. It’s the perfect kids’ antidote to a humid summer, complete with cannons, sprays and buckets; which make it an awesome water park for a summertime splash.

2. Sydney

It’s hard to choose from the best playgrounds in Sydney, but our pick is Oatley Park. Not only does it provide traditional playground equipment like slides and swings, but it is also situated in a lovely setting. With plenty of space bordered by scrubland you might even catch a glimpse of various native species.

3. Brisbane

The new Funderwood Hollow Spielart Adventure playground is a must-visit park which has only been open for just over a year. It features unique and challenging equipment that has been made from naturally-sourced materials.

While many parks tend to only cater for younger children, this playground offers something different for kids who are a little older. It is both visually exciting and educational since it provides an opportunity for kids to improve their physical skills, logical abilities and enhance their powers of imagination.

4. Melbourne

A great playground for older kids, between 5 and 12 years, is St Kilda’s Adventure Playground. You’ll find unexpected, unusual and environmentally-friendly playground equipment. Everything is recycled and contains a wide and varied range of fun activities including trampolines, a go-kart track and chicken pen.

5. Canberra

John Knight Park is the prime pick of playgrounds in Canberra as it is a fantastic all rounder. Different sections of the park cater to varying ages and stages. For example, there is a set of puzzles within safe reach for the young ones. There is even a ‘Snake Playground’ where older kids can rock climb, as well as go up and down ladders and slides to their hearts’ content.

This park also caters for adults. There is plenty of seating, with the added advantage that the whole area is well-shaded.