Top 5 Australian Cities for Outdoor Fitness

Top 5 Australian Cities for Outdoor Fitness

Staying healthy and active in Australia

While joining a gym to stay healthy and active in summer, spending time working out in natural settings has the potential to improve your overall wellbeing and energy levels. Our sunshine-soaked states and scenic landscapes make our nation the perfect place to thrive in the great outdoors.

Fresh air and a little vitamin D can make your exercise session all that more enjoyable. As Australians are increasingly realising that their cities provide fantastic, ready-made space to use as outdoor fitness hubs.

Read on to find out more about the top 5 Australian cities for a supreme outdoor training session!

Tone Up in These Top Australian Cities

1. Sydney

sydney outdoor fitness

This picturesque city boasts some of the greatest open-air workout locations. Exercising in or by the water is a wonderful way to see Sydney’s most famous sites while working up a sweat.

Clovelly is well-known as an idyllic snorkel and swim spot and it also has an awesome outdoor gym if you’re keen to keep up your hard work with exercise equipment while in Sydney. For a seaside stroll, why not take a walk or jog from Bondi to Coogee? There’s so much to see along the way, including Indigenous rock carvings in Marks Park, which makes moving more fun.

2. Melbourne

melbourne outdoor fitness

Melbourne is one of the best places for out-of-doors workouts. Keen bike riders have the 29 km capital City Trail, which includes some of this city’s main attractions. For runners, try Princes Park—fantastic for some serious sprinting. There’s also a playground for kids and, if you’re lucky, you might spy Carlton’s footy team in training.

3. Brisbane

brisbane outdoor fitness

If you’re in Brisbane and want to shake up your usual routine, check out Brisbane City Council’s Map of Parks. It offers alfresco outdoor fitness equipment that has been designed with helpful workout hints.

Struggling for self-motivation? Active Parks offers group classes and is a terrific option for those who find it tedious to train alone.

4. Adelaide

adelaide outdoor fitness

The University Loop is one awesome way of increasing your fitness in the ‘city of circuits’. The Heart Foundation walking group also provides a fun and supportive outdoor group fitness activity.

5. Perth

perth outdoor fitness

Fitness equipment in Perth is among the best in Australia, with their Parkfit gyms offering personal training services for all fitness levels and experience. Rooftop Yoga is also an invigorating way to start your day.