The Expert’s Guide to Playground Slides

The Expert’s Guide to Playground Slides

Playground slides are undeniably a favourite amongst most children. While a simple concept, slides can help provide the young with a simple and fun introduction to heights and speeds that is still very safe.

Unsure of which slide is best for the playground you are planning? At Playground Centre, we are experts in outdoor fitness solutions and playground equipment. We have created an expert guide to the slides you can add to your playground, along with where they are best suited and who they are made for.


Playground Slide Units

Playground slide units are generally free-standing units that include a set of stairs or climbing equipment which leads to the top of the slide. These are sometimes referred to as “Up & Over Slides”. These are made from a range of materials, such as stainless steel or heavy-duty plastic.

Often these free-standing slides are singular and not attached to a larger playground. They can come in either singular or dual slide setups and are targeted for toddlers and children.

Playground Slide Unit

Playground Slide Modules

Playground slide modules are modular pieces of a larger playground system. As a result, they are often designed to fit into a larger structure. These slide modules are often straight but can be curved depending on your needs within the space. They also come in multiple heights, making it an easy addition to suit your unique playground.

As a result, these slides can attach to a larger playground and can be implemented alongside a range of other elements. This could include puzzles, ladders, safety equipment, sunshades and more. Slide modules can help in creating a versatile playground that will create fun for years to come!

Playground Slide Module

Tube & Chute Slides

Tube & Chute Slides are slides with either full or partial sections that are completely enclosed as a tube. These slides provide an extra level of safety, allowing for longer and taller applications. They are also easily customised, as pieces of the chute are custom made to fit the desired shape. They can be curved, straight or a combination of the two.

Tube slides are also fun for the whole family. Due to their extra level of structure, they are fit to take the weight levels that some other slides would not handle so well.

Playground Tube & Chute Slide

Stainless-Steel Slides

Stainless-steel slides have much of the same benefits of a tube slide but are instead constructed from stainless steel. They are extremely strong and come in a range of sizes, for the young but also the young at heart. The strength of stainless-steel slides lends themselves to be used in unique ways, such as in wide slides. This slide style allows for multiple people to use the slide at once without risk of injury.

Stainless steel slides often come as part of a larger playground but can also be free-standing due to their sturdy construction. They can also be created taller and longer than some other slide types without worry of injury.

Stainless steel playground slide

As market-leading playground specialists, we know a thing or two about playground slides. While this guide gives a good overview of the different slide types that you will find in parks and recreation centres local to you, there are still many more potential designs that are waiting to be dreamt up.

If you are planning your next outdoor project and want to enquire about our range of slides, we would be happy to accommodate! Contact the team at Playground Centre today or get a free quote today.