Spotlight: The Multi-Sport Goal

Spotlight: The Multi-Sport Goal

Choosing outdoor playground equipment can be challenging, especially when you have limited space and several sports or activities to cater to. For this reason, outdoor playground structures that include different types of equipment are growing in popularity. The Multi-Sport Goal from Playground Centre is one of the best, combining soccer goals with basketball and netball hoops for a varied selection of sports for players to choose from.

Features of the Multi-Sport Goal

The Multi-Sport Goal has many features that set it apart as ideal for outdoor play. The metal bars at the back of the soccer goals not only stop balls; the slightly forward slant guides rebounding balls to the ground instead of towards players’ faces. The surrounding borders of the soccer goals keep missed kicks from going off the field. This means less time spent retrieving soccer balls – and more time playing – as well as less chance of a wayward ball interfering with other nearby activities.

Want to play a game of Basketball?

In the centre of the goals sits the basketball backboard and hoop, which doubles as a netball hoop. Designed for hard-court surfaces such as concrete and bitumen, the Multi-Sport Goal’s legs can be bolted to the ground for absolute stability, while the heavy-duty aluminium frame will stand strong in all weather.

Want to know more? Simply get in touch with Playground Centre by requesting the technical specifications of the Multi-Sport Goal.