Something different but exciting

Something different but exciting

You may notice something a little different about us: and we hope you're set to enjoy exciting new benefits too. At Playground Centre, we recently refreshed our brand so we have a new spring in our step!

Our new look reflects our fun, energetic attitude but it comes with the same serious commitment and unwavering service that we've built our business on.

Best of all, it also comes with great new tools to make it even easier for you to nurture healthy minds and bodies of all ages through play.

Having transformed from our origins as a playground equipment supplier, today we're proud to offer a leading range of new and exclusive recreational solutions embracing all generations, life stages and abilities.

In the words of our CEO, Simon Filleul: "We're making sure our brand reflects who we are today and want to be in the future, while maintaining all the positive things we're known for.

"At the same time, it goes beyond a new logo and colours. We're offering our customers even more, with a strengthened focus on providing clear information, valuable insights and the latest offerings from around the world so they get brilliant results and have fun along the way.

"Today, Playground Centre provides everything from traditional swings, themed playgrounds and cable adventures to outdoor electronic gaming and fitness systems for communities throughout New Zealand and across the globe. And our range is set to expand even more, in line with our stronger positioning.

"As always, everything we do is based on the specific interests, health and developmental needs of different age groups. Our solutions are designed to help enjoy and protect life, backed by quality assurance, safety certification, structural compliance and warranties. Built for durability and low maintenance, they provide value for money and hassle-free performance.

"Our sense of adventure means we like to be pioneers. We set trends and provide a huge range of cutting-edge solutions. We can provide anything or everything you need: from design and planning, installation to after-sales support and spare parts. We pride ourselves on personal service to develop the perfect solutions for your site, safety requirements, user ages and needs, and budget.

"It's simple: we see ourselves as your partner in creating fun for life and we can't wait to work with you soon."