Smart school playgrounds for space-challenged international schools

Smart school playgrounds for space-challenged international schools

Like so many urban education facilities, international schools are squeezed for space – and it’s often the school playground that suffers. So, what’s the solution?

Go up

Playground Centre worked with GEMS Wellington International School in Dubai to build an innovative outdoor play space for younger children. The school playground equipment showcases what’s possible for restricted spaces, with smart design and engineering. There’s a crawl tunnel, balance beams, a log bridge, and a ‘commando climber’ to boost fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities. International school playground equipment ideas are going vertical too: with climbing nets and structures always proving a hit – and a multi-user space saver.

A simple multi-tasker

Playground structures for schools are rising to modern challenges, with innovative products like the Skyclimber. It can be installed within a few hours, with no need for special foundations and the guarantee of certified safety and ‘herculean’ materials! It’s perfect for smaller international school playgrounds: with room for a crowd and endless options to climb, hang, slide, balance and play – and its 3-dimensional ‘climbing landscape’ is a true innovation. And now it even comes with artwork to attract and inspire active imaginations!

Compact modules, big appeal

The world has changed from standalone slides and swing sets. Today’s options for school playgrounds include compact, fitness-orientated playground modules with all the essential play elements (sliding, overheads, balance and climbing) to suit all ages. Or space-smart fitness cubes built to challenge different levels by climbing to the top or enjoying the lower pommel seats.

Span the ages

Al Barsha’s GEMS Founders School had to cater for students aged 3 to 11 when it created its school playground. Foundation students have two fantastic play units to choose from – with low platforms, imaginative role-play options, bendy tunnel, slide, and movable learning aids. An all-ages module accommodates around 30+ users at once. Starting with a ground-level shop counter for the littlies, it has platforms and slides for different ages – as well as balance and coordination activities to challenge older kids in the school playground.

Get creative

The American International School of Bucharest knew the importance of slides in providing a safe and fun introduction to heights, movement and speed in the early stages of development. In a genius idea, they decided to position a slide alongside an internal school staircase. A happy by-product was students making it to class faster!

Get moving

Moveable play equipment brings incredible versatility and freedom for smaller (and odd-shaped) spaces. International school educators can create new and exciting challenges (and hone new skills) every day in their school playgrounds. Particularly suited to younger students, options include soft foam bases, tunnels, towers, climbing nets, overhead and balance challenges and co-ordination activities. Best of all, they’re often portable, interchangeable and can be combined to gradually ‘grow’ your school playground as time and space allows.

The why

At Playground Centre, we know that play is all about fun and excitement: but it’s also absolutely essential to wellbeing. Physical activity for kids reduces obesity risk and improves overall physical and mental health, fosters social and emotional development and boosts academic performance. The World Health Organization recommends that schoolchildren get 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity every day – but most kids get far less.

Facing the space squeeze at your international school – but want a fantastic playspace with priceless development opportunities? We’d love to help.

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