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Woodlea Stage 30

Melbourne, Australia
Councils & Developers

Play Priorities

Located 29 kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD, Woodlea is the fastest selling land development in Melbourne. The community will feature 7,000 homes when completed in the next 12–14 years. The ultimate vision is a community “where space abounds for active pursuits, with native woodlands and wetlands, parkland, adventure playgrounds and pocket parks all close to home”. The development aims to be Australia's healthiest community, engaging its residents from day one. The developers knew a key to success was providing enticing, exciting, development-rich play spaces.

Fun Solution

For stage 30 of the development, Playground Centre supplied a unique ‘trail walk’ challenge that’s irresistible for kids and adults alike. A unit of green poles with mini platforms and handles was customised to incorporate a 5-metre rope bridge, trampolines and tightropes. Together, this creates an obstacle course to traverse – while testing agility and problem solving. Colourful softfall mounds inject height and variety. This specially designed and constructed product adds to Playground Centre’s collection of climbing structures, including a great choice of adventure courses and activity trails.