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Two Rocks Primary School

Perth, Australia

Play Priorities

Two Rocks Primary School is a small independent school in the northern most suburb of Perth, Western Australia, which wanted to add some thrills to their playground.

The unique nature of their campus and the sandstone rock upon which it’s built meant a flexible approach with several partners was needed – but the result was well worth it!

Fun Solution

The 30m steel Double Traveller Flying Fox is a constant source of thrills for all students at Two Rocks Primary School and considered well-worth the customised installation process needed.

The difficult solid sandstone campus of Two Rocks Primary School meant rock-breaking equipment was needed to prepare the site. To minimise expenses, shallow foundations were carefully engineered to limit the ground-breaking work needed.

The project was staged to enable the school community to manage their budget across two years. This flexibility was greatly appreciated by the school.

Contractor Vern Godfrey provided the ground works, edging and mulch safety surfacing, as well as installing the Double Traveller Flying Fox to our specifications.

Perth Playground and Rubber provided a central matting strip under the cable to reduce maintenance and allow return of the fox trolley.