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Torrens Primary School, ACT

Torrens, ACT, Australia

Play Priorities

Teamwork and tolerance is the motto of Canberra’s Torrens Primary School. It’s a philosophy that flows from the Principal right through to preschool, with staff aiming to help students develop their ability to work both as members of a team and as responsible and independent citizens. About 500 children attend this forward thinking school, which is always looking for out of the box ways to make learning fun and lessons entertaining. Their search for out of the box thinking led them to Playground Centre and to one of our popular smart play solutions!

Fun Solution

In a first for Canberra schools Torrens Primary School chose to install the Interactive and exhilarating eWall. This smart solution brings electronic teaching to the classroom and engages both the body and mind! Students are asked questions and must run to the eWall to touch the answer. It tests problem-solving skills, promotes cooperation and teamwork. And, because it can be used in breaks and lunch times it’s a fun and completely different way to learn outside of the classroom. We’re proud to have worked with this wonderful school to help enrich their environment of learning!

Watch a video of the eWall in action!