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The Village Green

COUNCIL: City of Whitehorse
ARCHITECT: MDG Landscape Architects
DEVELOPER: Frasers Property Australia
Burwood East, Australia
Landscape Architects

“The timeless aesthetic of the brick kiln tower is both a fitting nod to Burwood’s heritage and an exciting way to ignite children’s imagination and curiosity, with a combination of active and sensory play elements”

Historical foundations fire up unique play space

The customised kiln tower is a fitting centrepiece for a unique playground for Burwood Brickworks, the once factory site now home to a new residential, commercial and parkland precinct. The exciting mix of elements on, in and around the brick beacon are certain to fire the imagination!

One-of-a-kind design

MDG Landscape Architects designed a play space playing homage to the former brickworks site and the kiln tower’s timeless aesthetic forms a fitting focus. Our teams worked to incorporate active, sensory and social elements on and around the tower to challenge and stimulate children of many ages.

Ignite the imagination!

The New Northcote Company produced nearly 100,000 bricks a day in its heyday and this
history was the inspiration for the customised red brick kiln tower at the centre of the new playground on The Village Green.
Inside, the tower ignites the imagination with a Wobbly Mirror Panel. One outside wall features a ladder leading to the thrills of the giant customised tube slide, while another encourages children to race across a scramble net and up a rock climb to be first to ring the big brass bell.

Test balance, agility and strength on the customised rope course and scramble net, which joins the upper and lower levels of the play spaces. Large numbers on the stepped rubber matt alongside the slide indicate the layers of fill beneath.

Nearby picnic shelter and barbecues overlook the large open and landscaped green space below.

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  • Customised Rope Net and Balance Course