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Te Inuwai Park

Hamilton, New Zealand
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Play Priorities

One of the first parks to be created in the suburb of Peacocke in south-west Hamilton, Te Inuwai Park has set a wonderful precedent for future play spaces in this growing residential community.

Designed by the community for the community in collaboration with the developers of Dixon Heights, local landscaping company Fluhler Contracting Ltd and Playground Centre, the play space embodies joyful connection and fun.

And with the freedom to ‘think outside the square’, the latest thinking and research on inclusive and eco-friendly playground design was applied to build a truly unique play space for local children of all ages, stages and abilities.

Fun Solution

A simply whimsical play space, Te Inuwai Park inspires a sense of youthful energy and imagination, storytelling and adventure.

One of the standout features of this playground is its colour palette of bright purple, pink, green and orange which sets it apart from other spaces. In combination with the natural timber elements used on the majority of the play structures and limited use of plastic, it exudes full-hearted fun with a light touch on the environment.

What makes this colourful play space even more special is that it was actually painted by local residents as a community project. Testimony to the flexibility Playground Centre offers through its New Zealand manufacturing facilities, we made the pieces to order and supplied them, ready for the residents to paint.

The play space features an enticing mix of structures and equipment across several  play zones designed to facilitate points of interaction as well as provide separate, quieter spaces for discovery and one-on-one play if required.

The centrepiece is a modified Classic 902 – Timber modular play system with multiple slides, tower and a ground-level shop counter for the littlies. The structure also supports a variety of climbing, balance and coordination-building activities which are suitable for primary school-aged children and above.

The 4-Bay Timba Swing installed at the park was fitted with a large inclusive basket swing which enables parents and carers to swing with small children or children with special needs.

But wait … there’s more! Pear boxes creatively painted and placed around the park and re-purposed as seats and garden beds give a nod to the local fruit growing industry, as do our Wobbly Wood Bee and Grasshopper Rockers and Corkscrew Spinner.