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South Hornby School

Christchurch, New Zealand

Play Priorities

South Hornby School is a new school under the Christchurch Schools Rebuild Programme accommodating approximately 275 pupils. The school caters for new entrants through to Year 6 students. Playground Centre was engaged to provide a variety of play equipment that could cater for this wide range of needs, ages and abilities. We drew inspiration from the school’s commitment to encourage a strong sense of belonging among students, to create a space that students loved and wanted to spend time in.

Fun Solution

We came up with two separate tailored solutions which target the different age groups. Two distinct play areas were created: one for the juniors and one for the middle-senior school.  Both these play areas used Playground Centre’s wide range of modular equipment, with some customisation to provide extra engagement and extra fun. Plus, we provided both swings and spinning carousels to offer some unique engaging areas for students. The result gave students plenty of options to get involved in varied play activities across the large space, while encouraging group interaction. The wooden construction was durable to provide enjoyment for a long time to come, while splashes of colour from the slides to the interconnecting bars add visual interest and fun.