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Selwyn Park Playground

Melbourne, Australia
Councils & Developers

Play Priorities

Affectionately dubbed the ‘Ninja Training Playground’ by locals, the play space in Selwyn Park in the Melbourne suburb of Albion has been fitted out with equipment inspired by the ever-popular Ninja Warrior TV show.

Brimbank City Council’s decision to create the Ninja Warrior-themed and fitness-focused playground was the product of extensive community consultation which included seeking the input of local school students. The outcome is a very user-centric design and a park that is well supported and used by residents.

What’s more, the Council’s revitalisation of the park couldn’t have come at a better time, as Melbourne was plunged into strict lockdown periods, emphasising the value of having ways to exercise and keep fit close to home.

Fun Solution

Actions stations! Every inch of the Selwyn Park’s play and fitness zone has been maximised through the strategic placement of a wide variety of equipment and structures to create a fun and challenging obstacle course.

The list of equipment is as impressive as the muscles local residents are building! Playground Centre carries a range of Ninja Warrior-inspired products, which provided the Council with an abundance of choice when designing the space. This included the newest addition to the range, the Up and Over – Ninja, which combines a 3-step climbing challenge incorporating a rockwall, drop and scramble over a climbing net.

There’s also a Double Scaling Wall, Rockwall Fitness Station, Turbo Challenge, Ninja Wall and Tightrope Walk / Chin Up Cube Fitness Station, Ninja Angled Wall Jumps. Plus, the Council opted to add some extra oomph by including the Twisted Commando Net, Rope Cave Bridge and Laola Wave in the mix.

But the beauty of this space is that residents can enjoy it even if they aren’t an aspiring Ninja Warrior. A number of the pieces have great play value for children of all age ranges, and teens and adults can choose to use individual items to add a workout element to their neigbourhood walk or jog.

All items were custom coloured and designed and installed to the Council’s specifications.