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Riverhead War Memorial Park

CLIENT: Auckland Council
Auckland, New Zealand
Councils & Developers

“The large, centrally located playground in memorial park sits at the heart of the township and caters for children of all ages. It’s themed around movement and the action that takes place on the sports fields nearby.”

Brent Bailey, Rodney Local Board Chair

Towering above the rest

Unique twin towers form the central pillars of this bright, colourful adventure playground which challenges children young and old alike. More than simply stretching body and imagination, the inclusive play space is designed to be a feast for all the senses and foster a connection to nature.

Dream + Team

Auckland Council wanted a bespoke tower to be the focal point of a playground inclusive of children, of various ages and various abilities. Customised equipment was designed to meet the brief, while a partnership with experts Urban Effects ensured stylish and functional outdoor furniture further inspired the community to enjoy the great outdoors.

Reaching New Heights

Immersive outdoor play towers create the perfect environment for action-packed play with a wide range of slides, nets, climb and swing components designed to meet every community’s need.

Here, the Junior Square Tower has been customised to stretch and challenge younger children to access new heights and the Play Panels within its walls, by either climbing the ladder, net or rock wall.

A log bridge connects and leads up to the higher and more challenging customised Senior Octagonal Tower complete with Fireman’s Pole and a curvy yellow tube slide. The tower’s barriers were also custom to suit the theme. Older children must tackle the rock-climbing wall or 2.8m rope climbing chimney to reach the viewing platform.

Strength, balance and agility are further tested on the multiple challenges of the Activity Trail JV3, which is designed for individual, team or group play.

Everyone loves to slide into fun on the Double Embankment slide with custom poles , then why not bounce over to the 3.2m Timber Seesaw 2 Seater? The Mega 2-Bay and Standard 2-bay Swing is specifically designed to allow older swingers to fly higher, while the basket allows up to five children at once share a ride.

Bold colours draw the eye everywhere, not least to the Rainbow Sambas Musical Instrument. The set of five outdoor drums are easy and fun to play. Similarly, the bright Harmony Bell Bunch Is always in bloom and entice budding musicians to ring out a happy tune.

The versatile, simple and aesthetically pleasing hardwood and provide parents and carers with the perfect place to sit and watch their young charges having fun, while enjoying the greenery, fresh air and sunshine.

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