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Mossfiel Reserve

Wyndham, Australia
Councils & Developers | Landscape Architects

Play Priorities

A vision for a strong, healthy and connected community underpinned the Wyndham City Council’s master plan for Mossfiel Reserve in Hoppers Crossing. The result is an expansive park and recreation space that includes sports fields, netball and basketball courts, BBQ facilities, community pavilions, walking paths and of course, a playground.

Playground Centre was thrilled to be involved with this project, working alongside the Council and Outlines Landscape Architects to upgrade the existing play space to create a dream play space that embraces all of the principles of inclusive playground design.

Fun Solution

The Mossfiel Reserve playground features a diverse range of high quality, sturdy equipment designed to engage children (and adults) of all ages and abilities in active, healthy play.

Just like the multitude of recreational activities people can choose to participate in at the Reserve, the versatile play equipment presents children with different play options to suit their stage of development and risk appetite.

The Birds Nest Tower Black Forest is a multi-dimensional play experience that features climbing ropes, nets ladders at various levels within the structure, as well as a slide. The Birds Nest Tower offers parents and carers great visibility and access to supervise and support children while they test their strength and skills.

The playground also includes the popular in-ground Trampoline Pi, Saturn Whizzer Carousel and Triple Springer – all of which can fit a whole family at once for maximum, all-ages fun! Plus, a 3-Bay Deluxe Swing with a specially designed toddler swing.