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Berwick, Australia
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Play Priorities

The masterplanned neighbourhood of Meridian near Berwick in Victoria has been created with genuine community in mind. The Brown Property Group development features tree-lined streets, parks and wetlands all woven together with cycling and pedestrian paths that aim to connect an active and engaged community.


It was a pleasure to work with landscape architects, Tract Consultants, to furnish Meridian’s main park with play and fitness equipment that encourages residents to make the most of their time spent outdoors.

Fun Solution

As the saying goes, “the best things in life are free”.

Meridian families have been provided with a wonderful space for play and recreation. The park’s play and workout zones boast a fantastic selection of equipment and facilities which enable parents, carers and children to play and connect, and local residents to exercise.

Designed with a wide range of age groups, and growing kids in mind, the play zone features a combination of climbing structures like the Eagles Lair and Collis, slides, swings, carousels and see saws that cater for kids of every age and stage.

A standout in any playground, the 6-metre-tall Eagles Lair can easily cater for a large number of children at once thanks to its sturdy structure, and multiple climbing ropes, ladders and baskets. But, adding to this playground’s appeal are a number of striking pieces including the Seesaw Swing Boat (a large, inclusive rocker), Curvus Carousel and Bicycle Spring Rocker, as well as two custom-made slides built into the playground’s landscaped mound – the 2.5 metre SC389 Chute Slide and Koru Curved Slide.

The Meridian park also boasts a fitness zone kitted out with state-of-the art outdoor gym equipment. An increasingly popular addition to parks and open spaces in residential developments, fitness stations provide people with a free, convenient way to incorporate exercise into their routine. Meridian’s workout zone includes items from our Max Health range and a Calisthenics Robinia Fitness Unit.

All of the equipment was constructed using complementary materials, finishes and colours to provide the play and fitness zones with a cohesive look and feel, and a quality and durability that will stand the test of time (and lots of use).