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Manor Lakes

Melbourne, Australia
Landscape Architects

Play Priorities

Playground Centre teamed up with Tract Consultants to design and construct a playspace for the residents of Manor Lakes, a large, multi-staged residential development in the Melbourne suburb of Werribee.

The emphasis was on creating a stylish, strikingly different playground which matched the estate’s aesthetic and the community’s active lifestyle while being  welcoming and inclusive for all ages, stages and abilities.

Fun Solution

The lakeside playspace has a distinctly nautical theme. Equipment featuring ropes and mast-like structures dominate the space, and set the scene for some rip-roaring fun and playful adventure.

The playground features a suite of climbing net structures from the Playground Centre range including the Eagles Nest, Pirate Tower, Midi and Mini Birds Nest Trees, Kea Castle and Gnome Tree – all linked with various types of rope bridges to encourage users to move between the different structures.

On their own, every one of these play structures offers a myriad of play options and developmental benefits. Together, they provide an almost limitless number of play options, and promise loads of fun for lots of kids at any point in time.

What’s more, the equipment was carefully selected to cater for different age groups and its open design and the incorporation of inclusive basket swings allow young children and children with special needs to play alongside their peers and older children, under the supervision of their parents and caregivers.

Finally, we tied it all together with contemporary colours and finishes to ensure everything looked ‘ship shape’.