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Maihiihi Playcentre

Maihiihi, New Zealand
Preschools & Childcare

Play Priorities

Maihiihi Playcentre is a rural centre that has a nurturing, stimulating and supportive environment in which children thrive and learn. The centre is located on extensive grounds which bring the natural environment into the play area. They value providing the children with new and different adventures through an enviable excursion program. To make the centre’s play area a dynamic and interesting place to be while on-site, the pressure was on to develop a highly attractive play area.

Fun Solution

We knew Maihiihi Playcentre understood how important play equipment was in education and childcare. That’s why we created a fantastic play area solution which draws the children in and provides a range of entertainment, learning and physical challenges.  The interactive game wall embedded in the structure encourages group play, while the opportunity to explore the tunnels and feel the exhilaration of the swings is not to be missed. The durable equipment supplied the splash of colour needed in this amazing wide-open space.