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Keith Park

Auckland, New Zealand
Councils & Developers

Play Priorities

The Keith Park Accessible Playground in Weymouth in South Auckland wholeheartedly embraces the principle that everyone can play and is paving the way for more inclusive playgrounds not only in New Zealand’s largest city but across the country.

Auckland City Council, like a growing number of Councils in New Zealand and around the world, recognises the value of creating play spaces where people of all ages and abilities can enjoy playing together. And from the outset, the Council and the Manurewa Local Board worked with the community, including disability organisations and local families with children with disabilities, to ensure their new play space was safe, accessible and most importantly, fun for all!

Playground Centre was thrilled to supply some of our most innovative inclusive play equipment for the playground, which was named Playground of the Year in the 2020 New Zealand Parks Awards.

Fun Solution

The playground in Keith Park is a wonderland for children of all ages, stages and abilities.

It’s positively filled with brightly coloured equipment specifically chosen to allow children, their carers, siblings and playmates to play alongside, and with, each other.

More than 80 per cent of the equipment in the playground is wheelchair accessible! The trampoline and carousel are both wheelchair accessible, there’s an inclusive net see-saw and a suite of swings, including a basket swing that enables children and their buddies to swing together. The playground also includes a host of musical and sensory play equipment that encourages interactive, inter-generational play – from the interactive bridge with sound to the Rainbow Sambas Musical Instrument and the Ball Maze and Abacus interactive panels; while braille signs have been installed to guide and engage visually impaired playground users.

The fully fenced playground also features accessible pathways, soft safe fall surfaces as well as accessible toilets and drinking fountains.